Eye Safety Awareness Course


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Understand the structure of the eye

Discover the different type of eye injuries

Recognise eye hazards in the workplace

eye safety awareness course
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Eye Safety Awareness Course Certificate is Internationally Recognised and is Valid for Three Years

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About Eye Safety Awareness

Protecting vision: Taking an eye safety course can help prevent eye injuries and protect one’s vision.

It is more common than you might think. From either eyestrain or operating without the correct PPE, there are always preventative measures that you can take.

Compliance with regulations: Certain industries and jobs require employees to undergo eye safety training, so taking an eye safety course can help meet regulatory requirements.

Awareness of hazards: The course will increase awareness of potential eye hazards and how to prevent them.

Improved safety at work: Taking this eye safety course will help reduce the risk of eye injuries in the workplace and promote a safer working environment.


Eye Safety Awareness Course Content
  • Understand the structure of the eye
  • Discover the different type of eye injuries
  • Recognise eye hazards in the workplace
  • Learn what controls are required to prevent eye injury
  • Know the emergency actions to be taken in the even of an eye injury
Eye Safety Awareness Course Features
  • Interactive Learning
  • Case Studies
  • Instant Certification
  • Audio Voiceovers
  • Next-Generation Technology
  • Completed in approximately 2 – 5 Hours
  • Download Certificate on Completion
  • Get Certified Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device
  • Irish Courses to Meet Irish Regulations
  • Irish Courses, Meets Irish Regulations
  • Free Retakes
Eye Safety Awareness Course Content
  • Introduction, why your Eyes are so Important
  • Eye Injuries and Conditions
  • Eye Hazards, Eye Protection 
  • Test
Is This Eye Safety Awareness Course For You?

On successful completion of the test, learners can immediately download and print the course certificate, this is also emailed to the learner. The training course is developed by Industry experts and approved by AcornStar.

The course is going for approval by CPD.  

All New 2022 course

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  • Limited time offer
  • Irish made courses designed to meet Irish regulations
  • 100% success rate
  • Complete at your pace
  • Free Retakes

Eye Safety Awareness Course

This Eye safety Awareness Interactive course is made in Ireland by an Award-winning Irish company.


This course provides invaluable information about eyes, work hazards and protective measures to prevent eye injury.

Download Your Certificate on Completion

Instantly download your certificate as soon as you finish the course. It does not get any easier, try it now with a money-back guarantee.  

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Simply complete all the modules to get certified.  If you are having any technical difficulties, we are here to help.

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Once you sign up for the course, you will have access to all the available studying material right away.

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Very well presented online training course. Excellent structure and intuitive approach. Would highly recommend.

Eddie Hawkins

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Easy, very affordable and 4 levels of training and certs all in just over a week. Highly recommend


Wane Price Dunning

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Completed HACCP level 3 training and found the whole experience very positive. Would definitely use again. 👌

Jonathon Campbell

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Improved quality of life

Eye injuries can have a significant impact on quality of life, so taking an eye safety course can help ensure that one’s eyes are protected and vision is preserved.

This safety learning course provides invaluable information about eyes, work hazards and protective measures to prevent eye injury. Learners will be provided with information to identify hazards and risk.

How to use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep your eyesight safe whilst working, and emergency actions to be taken in the event of an eye injury.

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